8 Years of Experience

Techijau.com is an Indonesian blog that has been online since 2016. I am a gadget enthusiast, and start my journey with this blog by sharing tips and tutorials that related to smartphones. Then now, we’re also producing a broader topics, but keep focusing on the tech-world contents. I love to share experience on using electronic devices. Including smartphones, laptops, earphones, etc.

By the time, this blog has been growing visitors that mostly comes from Google search (organic). 

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Our Work

Not an Ordinary Product Review

While producing a product review, I always try to explore the best angle shot to make the product looks attractive. Because I believe that with a good product photoshoot, people will gain more interest to the product.

Highlighting The Unique Features of The Products

My product review is not just explaining the pros and cons based on the specs. I really try hard to find the differentiation to the similar other products. And highlighting the unique features (if any) so the readers could be more educated about the products. The more they know, the more they attracted to the products. I will also write a dedicated article that discuss about those unique features if necessary.

Explore More for Camera Test

Some people are used to buy a phone because of it’s camera feature. So what they want is to find out how good is the photo sample, before deciding to buy.

We can’t get a good photo sample by capturing random things on our desk. So that’s what prompted me to explore the city, to find a good object with various lighting condition, only for a camera test.

Gaming Test? No Problem!

Trying to record a good gameplay is not an easy task. But, I believe that most gaming enthusiast loves to see it for entertainment. So, I put in a big effort to get a good gameplay with the laptops or smartphones. Especially if the laptops or smartphones are meant to built for gaming. So the viewers can enjoy the contents, while making them pay more attention, to gain more interest with the products.

Write for Humans, Liked by Search Engine

Spamming keywords might be good for search engine bots, but not for humans who read it. I decided to focusing the contents for humans. So that the audiences can get a readable article, in the hope that they will keep reading to get the point and the message that I try to convey. Of course, I will put some keywords as natural as possible to make it good for SEO too.

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